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ISBN: 9780415302159 - The Mid Tudors
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The Mid Tudors

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Stephen J. Lee

ISBN: 9780415302159
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Routledge

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Covering a topic which features on all three exam board specifications, this book for A2 level history students explores the turmoil that encompassed the reigns of Edwards VI and Mary - the mid-tudor period. It examines the key issues in the debate, including the question as to whether there was a mid-Tudor crisis.






Covering the period from 1547 to 1558, The Mid Tudors explores the reigns of Edward VI and Mary. Stephen J. Lee examines all the key issues debated by historians, including the question as to whether there was a mid-Tudor crisis. Using a wide variety of sources and historiography, Lee also looks at the Reformation and the Counter Reformation, as well as discussing government and foreign policy. The book starts with a chapter on Henry VIII to establish the overall perspective over the following two reigns - thereby providing a basis to examine their positive as well as negative features. Including both a chronology and glossary of key terms, this essential A Level book provides a vital resource for all students of this fascinating period of British history.

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