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ISBN: 9780521148795 - The Nature-Nurture Debates
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The Nature-Nurture Debates

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Dale Goldhaber

ISBN: 9780521148795
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Dale Goldhaber reframes the nature-nurture debates, providing fresh insight into old and persistent questions of human behavior and development.






How is it possible that in more than one hundred years, the nature-nurture debate has not come to a satisfactory resolution? The problem, Dale Goldhaber argues, lies not with the proposed answers, but with the question itself. In The Nature-Nurture Debate, Goldhaber reviews the four major perspectives on the issue - behavior genetics, environment, evolutionary psychology and developmental systems theory - and shows that the classic, reductionist strategies (behavior genetics and environmental approaches) are incapable of resolving the issue because they each offer a false perspective on the process of human development. It is only through a synthesis of the two holistic perspectives of evolutionary psychology and developmental systems theory that we will be able to understand the nature of human behavior.

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