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ISBN: 9780199277186 - The Oxford Bible Commentary
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The Oxford Bible Commentary

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Barton, John (EDT)/ Muddiman, John (EDT)
John Barton

ISBN: 9780199277186
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Written by a team of over 70 leading international scholars from various religious backgrounds, this definitive reference work provides students, ministers, and general readers with an authoritative non-denominational commentary on the whole Bible and a number of non-biblical writings.





The Oxford Bible Commentary is an exciting new ecumenical verse-by-verse commentary on the whole Bible, including all the books of the Apocrypha, for use by Christians, Jews, and members of other religious traditions, or of none. 1.5 million words long, it has been written by a team of internationally respected biblical scholars chosen for their expertise and ability to communicate rather than for their adherence to any particular faith. Now available in paperback, the Oxford Bible Commentary will provide the one-volume resource for the Bible for the 21st century.

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