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ISBN: 9780600623373 - The Perfect Kitten
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The Perfect Kitten

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How to Raise a Problem-free Cat

Mr. Peter R. Neville, Claire Bessant

ISBN: 9780600623373
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hamlyn

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A practical guide to bringing up a kitten to be a happy and sociable companion.






Raising a problem-free cat is the aim of every responsible owner. Learn how to achieve this goal with simple, practical advice that's easy to follow and clearly illustrated. From choosing the right kitten through to litter training, this book will show you how to prepare your home for your new arrival, assess your kitten's health, prevent behavioural problems and help your pet socialize with other animals. Includes sections on breeds of cat, choosing your kitten, how to prepare your home for the new arrival, a kitten's lifestyle, advice on feeding, litter training, grooming and health care. It also covers the latest behavioural information on dealing with problems such as furniture-scratching and houseplant-chewing.