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ISBN: 9780747259367 - The Railway Station Man
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The Railway Station Man

Jennifer Johnston

ISBN: 9780747259367
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Headline Review

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'A very nearly perfect novel of broad, regretful vision, and magical intimacy' Sunday Telegraph





Helen has retreated to the remote north-west coast of Ireland to paint the sea and the shore, and to be alone with her past. English war hero Roger Hawthorne has settled in the neglected railway station house nearby. Mutilated and sick at heart, with the help of a young lad he has begun painstakingly to restore the derelict branch line station. Soon Roger and Helen form a bond which, over gramophone music, dancing and champagne, deepens into love. But Helen, enjoying her first taste of happiness in years, is to learn just how brutally fleeting it can be.

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