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ISBN: 9780061561078 - The Revolution Will Not be Televised
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The Revolution Will Not be Televised

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Joe Trippi

ISBN: 9780061561078
Format: Paperback
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Edition: Revised edition

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Features the secret of Trippi's political success - his use of the Internet - and a desire to overthrow politics. This book reveals how the power of technology is being harnessed - for politics and beyond, into the realms of business and other aspects of life. It offers a glimpse of how power, in the hands of all of us, changes everything.





This book reveals the secret of Trippi's off-the-charts political success - his revolutionary use of the Internet - and an impassioned, contagious desire to overthrow politics as usual. Trippi's innovations brought fundamental change to the culture of American politics, and became the model for how all future political campaigns would be run, demonstrating that the largely untapped and underestimated influence of the Internet can compete with - and in many ways exceed - the traditional approaches to winning in politics. In this book, Trippi reveals just how the sleeping power of technology are being harnessed in the future - for politics and beyond, into the realms of business and every other aspect of life. Trippi sees the Internet as a way of distributing of power to the people, and argues persuasively that companies that understand the coming revolution will be the first movers in this new era, while those who wait will certainly be left behind. With his behind-the-scenes look at the daily drama of a presidential campaign-in which a small, highly dedicated group of campaign workers and millions of true believers watched in awe as they changed the face of politics - and his 'seven inviolable, irrefutable, ingenious things your business or institution or candidate can do in the age of the Internet that might keep you from getting your ass kicked but then again might not', Trippi offers an inspiring glimpse of the world as it will be - and how power, in the hands of all of us, changes everything.

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