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ISBN: 9781844861422 - The Sea Painter's World
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The Sea Painter's World

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Geoff Hunt

ISBN: 9781844861422
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Conway

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Covers all of the artist's output over the last eight years A must for historians, sailors, fans of nautical fiction and all practical artists Includes twelve case studies explaining the painstaking research and creation of key works





This timely follow-up to Conway's highly successful Marine Art of Geoff Hunt (2004) presents the considerable artistic output of Britain's leading marine painter since 2003. This new volume is heavily illustrated with images ranging from large paintings to sketchbook drawings with text written by the artist himself. The new book reflects Hunt's developing career during a time in which he served a five-year term as President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, worked on large-scale paintings such as the definitive Mary Rose,and also completed numerous outdoor sketches and paintings. The book is divided into six sections: 1. The Sea Painter's World, an introduction to the artist's studio work at Merton Place, London and his plein air work on the River Thames; 2. Home Waters; 3. The Mediterranean; 4. In the Wake of Nelson; 5. North America and 6. The West Indies and Beyond. This concept sets Geoff's work in a broadly geographical context, showcasing the artist's freer plein air style alongside the exhaustively researched maritime history paintings to which he owes his standing as Britain's leading marine artist.