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ISBN: 9781442300255 - The Shadow of Your Smile
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The Shadow of Your Smile

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Mary Higgins Clark

ISBN: 9781442300255
Format: Audio CD
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Edition: Unabridged

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The latest suspense-filled thriller from the New York Timesbestselling author.





When at twenty-six Olivia Morrow married Jonathan Williams, she joked that it was a good thing she was a psychologist. Thirty-four year old Jonathan and his identical twin brother, Charles, were brilliant obstetricians, renowned for their research, and sharing a thriving practice in Manhattan. Olivia, like most people, had difficultly telling them apart. Five years later, Charles is found murdered in his midtown apartment, apparently the victim of a robbery. Olivia understands the terrible grief her husband is enduring at the loss of his twin until, as the months pass, she begins to suspect that it is not Charles who was killed but her husband Jonathan. Her search for the truth plunges her into life-threatening danger which is only increased when she crosses the path of Henry Patton, a criminologist, who is on a search of his own, the truth behind a long-ago scandal involving his grandmother that must now be solved at all costs.

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