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ISBN: 9781844861477 - The Telescope
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The Telescope

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Dr. Richard Dunn

ISBN: 9781844861477
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Conway

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The story of the telecope's development, a fascinating narrative of scientific endeavour, exploration and ingenuity





As an instrument of science and navigation the telescope was at the forefront of discovery. Even today it is vital to modern understanding of space and the origins of matter. The story of its development is a fascinating narrative of scientific endeavour, exploration and ingenuity, encompassing the lives of scientists and astronomers such as Galileo, Newton, William Herschel and Edmund Halley as well as the exploits of naval officers and explorers like Cloudesley Shovell and James Cook. Richard Dunn presents an engaging historical survey that traces the telescope from its invention in 1608 to its contemporary applications in astrophysics. Profusely illustrated with exquisite examples of telescopes and other prints, drawings and artworks, The Telescope will appeal to all those with an interest in science, discovery and exploration, maritime history, seafaring or astronomy.

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