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ISBN: 9780520079670 - The Tragedy of Mariam
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The Tragedy of Mariam

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with the Lady Falkland: Her Life, by One of Her Daughters

Elizabeth Cary

ISBN: 9780520079670
Format: Hardback
Publisher: University of California Press
Edition: annotated edition

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A transcript of the first original play by a woman to be published in England. Included with the play is a biography, also written in the 1600s, by one of the playwright's daughters, which enriches contemporary knowledge of both domestic and religious conflict in the 17th century.






"The Tragedy of Mariam" (1613) is the first original play by a woman to be published in England, and its author is the first English woman writer to be memorialized in a biography, which is included with this edition of the play. "Mariam" is a distinctive example of Renaissance drama that serves the desire of today's readers and scholars to know not merely how women were represented in the early modern period but also how they themselves perceived their own condition. With this textually emended and fully annotated edition, the play will now be accessible to all readers. The accompanying biography of Cary further enriches our knowledge of both domestic and religious conflicts in the seventeenth century.

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