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ISBN: 9781907332906 - The Twelve Knits of Christmas
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The Twelve Knits of Christmas

Fiona Goble

ISBN: 9781907332906
Format: Hardback
Publisher: The Ivy Press

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"The Twelve Days of Christmas" is one of the most popular festive songs, bringing with it an instant evocation of Christmas spirit. And from the solitary partridge to the dozen drummers, the cumulative structure of the song makes it simple for even the youngest celebrant to learn, and enjoyable for them to join in.





Now as well as singing the song, you can knit the characters. The Twelve Knits of Christmas brings together 12 charming knitting patterns for making all of the objects, birds, and people mentioned in the song and a beautifully illustrated book containing the words for each verse. Children will love to play with your knitted creations as you sing along together. And the projects can double up as Christmas decorations around your home, centering on the colourful and easy-to-assemble cardboard pear tree tucked into the back of the book - a ready made roosting spot fit for the finest partridge to enjoy.

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