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ISBN: 9781439137277 - The Unauthorized History of DX
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The Unauthorized History of DX

Triple H

ISBN: 9781439137277
Format: Paperback
Publisher: World Wrestling Entertainment

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The full explosive story of wrestling's most outspoken and outrageous faction -- both inside and outside the ring.





D-Generation X, or DX as they came to be known, was headed by Triple H and Shawn Michaels, two of the biggest Superstars in wrestling history, and had a changing roster of rebels who did whatever they wanted, whenever, wherever -- regardless of the ultimate outcome. First created in 1997 as a means for two friends to work together, the faction rapidly grew so popular with audiences and fans that other wrestlers were clamouring to join it.Their anti-establishment, authority-busting attitude was key to their appeal and they were instrumental in the success of WWE over the rival WCW, occupying a special place in the hearts and minds of wrestling fans to this day. Different incarnations of DX followed -- but always with Triple H and Shawn Michaels at their centre. DX were notorious for speaking their minds, no matter whom they provoked or how. Told by the men who created DX, this is their inside story.