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ISBN: 9780889203464 - The Widowed Self
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The Widowed Self

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Deborah K. van den Hoonaard

ISBN: 9780889203464
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier University Press

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Honaard (gerontology, St. Thomas University, New Brunswick) combines sociological theory with the stories of widows. By allowing widows to tell of their own experiences and describe their feelings, she explains how the sense of loss essentially alters a person's entire biography. Specific attention






How do older women come to terms with widowhood? Are they vulnerable or courageous, predictable or creative in dealing with this life challenge? Most books about widows usually focus on younger women; this book interweaves the voices of older widows their experiences and insights to show how they have come to terms with widowhood and have recreated their lives in new, unsuspected ways. The widows speak about how they relate to their children, their friends, to men. With powerful emotions they describe their husbands' final illnesses and deaths, and the challenging early days of widowhood. Disputing stereotypes about older women and widows, The Widowed Self allows the reader to visualize the impact of losing one's life partner and offers a new way of thinking about widowhood. This new book by Deborah Kestin van den Hoonaard fills a void in previous work on widowhood. Rather than seeing these women as unfortunate, passive victims of life, the reader will come to appreciate the strength and creativity with which these women face one of life's greatest challenges, a challenge that affects more than half of all women over the age of sixty-five. Widows and their families, scholars, social workers and other professionals who work with older adults will all be interested in reading The Widowed Self: The Older Woman's Journey through Widowhood.