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ISBN: 9781569759899 - The World Reduced to Infographics
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The World Reduced to Infographics

Worm Miller

ISBN: 9781569759899
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Ulysses Press

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Includes over 100 infographics fully explaining away the mysteries and aching questions of life like 'What drug am I?' and 'What profession goes best with a pet reptile?'





LIFE'S MYSTERIES, WHY HOT WOMEN LOVE TACO BELL, AND MUCH, MUCH LESS ARE FINALLY EXPLAINED IN A WAY THE REST OF US CAN UNDERSTAND--WITH FLASHY COLOR GRAPHICS Respected academics agree that The World Reduced to Infographics is jam-packed with colorful illustrations. Now you can finally understand complex facts with the ease and enjoyment of eating an ice cream sandwich. After all, any information that can't be explained with a hilarious infographic isn't worth knowing. * Are You Pregnant? Flow Chart * Doomed Cities of U.S. Map * Human Anatomy of Vices Diagram * Reasons to Go Fishing Pie Chart * Bowling Score by Drunkenness Area Graph