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ISBN: 9780773538634 - There's Always Something to Do
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There's Always Something to Do

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Christopher Risso-Gill

ISBN: 9780773538634
Format: Paperback
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press

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The story of the origins and development of Peter Cundill's pioneering investment journey.






In the context of recent financial upheavals and ongoing uncertainty, Peter Cundill's wise and frequently funny reflections are more important than ever. In a seamlessly assembled narrative drawn from interviews, speeches, and exclusive access to the daily journal Cundill kept for forty-five years, Christopher Risso-Gill outlines Cundill's investment approach and provides accounts of his investments and the analytical process that led to their selection. A book for everyday investors as much as professional investors and investment gurus, There's Always Something to Do offers a compelling perspective on global financial markets and on how we can avoid their worst pitfalls and grow our hard-earned capital.