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ISBN: 9780415772686 - Thinking About Democracy
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Thinking About Democracy

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Power Sharing and Majority Rule in Theory and Practice

Arend Lijphart

ISBN: 9780415772686
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Routledge

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Arend Lijphart has been one of the most innovative and influential thinkers in the field of comparative government and politics for more than three decades. His groundbreaking work on alternative forms of democracy and their suitability for ethnically and religiously divided societies is not only of great theoretical significance, but also of great and growing practical importance …






Arend Lijphart is one of the world's leading and most influential political scientists whose work has had a profound impact on the study of democracy and comparative politics. Thinking about Democracy draws on a lifetime's experience of research and publication in this area and collects together for the first time his most significant and influential work. The book also contains an entirely new introduction and conclusion where Professor Lijphart assesses the development of his thought and the practical impact it has had on emerging democracies. This volume will be of enormous interest to all students and scholars of democracy and comparative politics, and politics and international relations in general.

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