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ISBN: 9780520265783 - Tropics of Savagery
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Tropics of Savagery

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Robert Thomas Tierney

ISBN: 9780520265783
Format: Hardback
Publisher: University of California Press

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"Robert Tierney's Tropics of Savagery presents a most incisive and provocative account of Japanese colonial discourse. Tierney pursues a deeper understanding of Japan's imperialism through rich and powerful narratives and analysis."-Leo Ching, Duke University, author of Becoming "Japanese"…






"Tropics of Savagery" is an incisive and provocative study of the figures and tropes of 'savagery' in Japanese colonial culture. Through a rigorous analysis of literary works, ethnographic studies, and a variety of other discourses, Robert Thomas Tierney demonstrates how imperial Japan constructed its own identity in relation both to the West and to the people it colonized. By examining the representations of Taiwanese aborigines and indigenous Micronesians in the works of prominent writers, he shows that the trope of the savage underwent several metamorphoses over the course of Japan's colonial period - violent headhunter to be subjugated, ethnographic other to be studied, happy primitive to be exoticized, and hybrid colonial subject to be assimilated.