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ISBN: 9789759703004 - Turkish Challenge
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Turkish Challenge

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Onur Oymen
Helen Betts

ISBN: 9789759703004
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Rustem

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This book explains Turkey's strength and potential in the fields of defence, economy, population and natural resources as well as the great achievements she has accomplished since the establishment of the Republic. The author compares Turkey with other countries, especially those in Europe, and determines her relative position in these fields. He looks into the progress and current standing of turkey in the areas of democracy and human rights. He makes a comparative analysis of the structure of the Turkish democracy founded by Ataturk and that in other countries. He demonstrates that most of the criticism levelled against Turkey is based on inadequate information and exaggerated. Using Western sources, he proves that turkey is more advanced than all the countries included in the enlargement process of the EU and explains the error and injustice of the decision made at the EU's Luxembourg Summit of 1997 that failed to recognise Turkey as a candidate for full membership.