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ISBN: 9780263902051 - Twilight Prophecy
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Twilight Prophecy

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Maggie Shayne

ISBN: 9780263902051
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mills & Boon

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Save the Vampire, Save the World An ancient prophecy tells of one chance to prevent the annihilation of the Undead. Twins James and Brigit, part human-part vampire, believe that they are that chance. In truth, the key lies with reclusive - and mortal - Lucy. As Armageddon approaches, anti-vampire sentiment fuels a war neither side can win, driving James to abandon his moral code and draw Lucy into deadly battle. But Lucy soon realises that she holds this powerfull immortal's soul in her hands, and that it's her destiny not only to stop a war but to save him from his inner darkness. If she fails, his race will die - and so will her heart. Is the power of love strong enough to save the world?

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