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ISBN: 9781842820018 - Uncomfortably Numb
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Uncomfortably Numb

A Prison Requiem

Maureen Maguire

ISBN: 9781842820018
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Luath Press Ltd

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The tragic story of Yvonne Gilmour - one of eight inmates to take their own lives at Cornton Vale prison.





Told in documentary form, this is the story of the tragedy of Yvonne Gilmour's death in Cornton Vale prison. Yvonne was one of eight inmates to take their own lives in a short period of time at the prison and her story is representative of many women in prison today. There has been a steady increase in women prisoners since 1991, most of these women are not criminals (only 1% are convicted for violent crimes) and two-thirds are between the ages of fifteen and thirty. Yvonne was one of these vulnerable young women. The book asks relevant questions about the nature of society and shows that an alternative to prison is needed for vulnerable girls. This is a powerful and moving indictment of 21st century Britain, told in the real voices of women behind bars, by a solicitor and teacher of many years experience.