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ISBN: 9780205890811 - Using Multivariate Statistics
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Using Multivariate Statistics

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Barbara G. Tabachnick, Linda S. Fidell

ISBN: 9780205890811
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pearson
Edition: International ed of 6th revised ed
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A Practical Approach to using Multivariate Analyses


Using Multivariate Statistics, 6th edition provides advanced undergraduate as well as graduate students with a timely and comprehensive introduction to today's most commonly encountered statistical and multivariate techniques, while assuming only a limited knowledge of higher-level mathematics. This textâ s practical approach focuses on the benefits and limitations of applications of a technique to a data set â when, why, and how to do it.


Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, readers should be able to:

  • Learn to conduct numerous types of multivariate statistical analyses
  • Find the best technique to use
  • Understand Limitations to applications
  • Learn how to use SPSS and SAS syntax and output

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