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ISBN: 9781107636163 - Values-Based Interprofessional Collaborative Practice
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Values-Based Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

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Jill E. Thistlethwaite

ISBN: 9781107636163
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Discusses values from the perspective of different health care professionals and why teams and collaborations may succeed or fail.






The provision of care within the context of the modern health service environment involves a wide range of professionals. The health care team might include general practitioners, nurses, midwives, hospital doctors, physiotherapists, other allied health professionals, as well as receptionists and practice managers. To optimise delivery of care at both individual and population levels, team members must work collaboratively with colleagues in their own profession and others. This book, in the Values-Based Medicine series, adds the dimension of values to the more usual discussions of teamwork, considering interactions between health care professionals and how these might be affected by differences in professional and personal values. Examples of scenarios based on real-life experience promote learning and reflection. Anybody working or training in health care and who aspires to collaborate successfully with their colleagues in other specialties will find this book extremely valuable, as will educators who facilitate learners in teamwork.

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