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ISBN: 9781853757983 - Where's Willy?
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Where's Willy?

Ings, Will

ISBN: 9781853757983
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Prion Books Ltd

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A fun book for the sausage-chaser.






Your kids read "Where's Wally" and you can't help but get drawn into the search for the four-eyed fool. Surely there's a grown-up equivalent? Well now there is! "Where's Willy?" is a great fun book for the sausage-chaser in your life! The concept is slightly rude of course, but this book is not filled with huge, graphic images, the material is handled in a delicate manner and is great for a giggle! With three star characters throughout who bear an uncanny resemblance to Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton and Michael Douglas the Search for little Willies around the world begins.