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ISBN: 9780826499561 - Why Go to Church? 2009
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Why Go to Church? 2009

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Timothy Radcliffe

ISBN: 9780826499561
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.

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Many people find going to church to be boring and pointless. Why bother? Timothy Radcliffe suggests that the Eucharist works at a deep level…






Written by a spiritual master this is an important Lent title that examines what it means to celebrate the Eucharist, and in turn reminds us of our capability for love, hope and faith.The Eucharist writes Timothy Radcliffe is a three part drama, forming us in faith, hope and love. In this book he examines what it means to celebrate the Eucharist. Whilst other people experience it as boring and pointless, listening to the readings, the homily and the creed all take us through the crises and challenges of faith. From the offertory through to the end of the Eucharistic prayer we are caught up in the hope that was Christ's, faced with Good Friday. From the Our Father until we are sent on our way, especially in receiving communion, we are formed as people who are capable of love.