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ISBN: 9780903319928 - Why Restorative Justice?
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Why Restorative Justice?

Roger Graef

ISBN: 9780903319928
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

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Restorative justice has been heralded as a new concept in dealing with crimes. But what is "restorative justice"? Where does it come from, and will it make a difference? This book argues that it is the way ahead for justice, addressing the harm caused by crime, and involving victim and offender.





Restorative justice is an idea whose time has come. It means restoring the balance disturbed by crime, and making good the harm caused to those concerned. It involves victim and offender - and includes friends, families and communities. It gives space for victims to explore issues their actions - hoping to ensure the harm does not happen again. Restorative justice is not just about face-to-face mediation. It can include other kinds of making good, from reparation and community service to community mediation of local conflicts.

Restorative justice has been embedded in law in New Zealand for a decade. Its use is spreading across Canada, the USA and Australia. It is now being recognized in recent criminal and civil legislation in the UK. But few people know what restorative justice is or how it works. The author sets down the main principles and practices, and demonstrates their value and effectiveness. Using case studies throughout, his book offers the public and justice practitioners a guide to an approach which deserves a central place in our criminal justice procedures.