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ISBN: 9780330535236 - Wilma Tenderfoot and the Case of the Rascal's Revenge
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Wilma Tenderfoot and the Case of the Rascal's Revenge

Emma Kennedy

ISBN: 9780330535236
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Edition: Unabridged

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The fourth book in the laugh-out-loud-till-you-can't-breathe-and-tears-are-running-down-your-face WILMA TENDERFOOT series, by award-winning TV comedy actress and scriptwriter Emma Kennedy.





Wilma Tenderfoot (small but determined - and slightly accident prone - assistant to the greatest living detective, Theodore P. Goodman) and her beloved beagle, Pickle, are on their most cracking case yet! The whole of Cooper Island is under threat, Mr Goodman has more on his plate than even he can handle, and Wilma is on the cusp of solving the conundrum of her birthright. But things always always get worse before they get better (everyone knows that!) - so hold onto your hats, take out the mansize tissues, and get reading...

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