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ISBN: 9781841766621 - World War II Infantry Tactics (1): Vol. 1
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World War II Infantry Tactics (1): Vol. 1

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Stephen Bull

ISBN: 9781841766621
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Osprey Publishing

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This work is the first in a two-part study that draws on actual training documents and veterans' descriptions to explain and illustrate the specific "bread-and-butter" of infantry tactics. The main focus is on describing and comparing US, British and German tactics in Europe.






Despite all technological advances, final mastery of any battlefield depends upon the tight-knit group of footsoldiers trained to manoeuvre, shoot and dig in. This first of a two-part study examines the methods by which the Western infantry of World War II - the German, British and US armies - actually brought their firepower to bear. Drawing upon period training manuals for the evolving theory, and on personal memoirs for the individual practice, this first book covers the organization and tactics of the squad of ten or a dozen men, and the platoon of three or four squads. The text is illustrated with contemporary photographs and diagrams, and with colour plates bringing to life the movement of soldiers on the battlefield.