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 Fact & Fiction

Heffers bookshop stands in the centre of Cambridge directly opposite Trinity College which was founded by Henry VIII in 1546.  A statue of him stands guard over the mighty main gate of the College.


With the television adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s ‘Wolf Hall’ about to begin it has to be the right time to celebrate the Tudor age in fact and fiction.

In the shop we have displays of the best books on the Tudor period, both non-fiction and fiction.

Here are a few examples to whet your Tudor appetite…

Just a few of the non-fiction titles on offer exploring all aspects of the Tudor age

...while here are some fictional stories of Tudor intrigue.

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Announcing the ‘Super Awesome Adventure Hour!

Heffers are proud to be sponsoring the ‘Super Awesome Adventure Hour’ a brand new RPG actual play podcast brought to you by Cam FM.

Full details and a chance to win a prize here

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Have you just started a new business or are thinking about taking the plunge?

This is a free event so come along and  meet Ed Goodman and Ann Hawkins at Heffers on Tuesday February 3rd at 6.30pm when they will be launching their new book

‘New Business: Next Steps: The All-in-One Guide to Managing, Marketing and Growing Your Small Business’


Full details here, or book now

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Join us here at Heffers for the launch of Tony Juniper’s new book
“What Nature Does for Britain”

Thursday, 19 February at 6.30pm

Full details here or  book your ticket now.

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Celebrate the new Cambridge History Festival at Heffers

Greg Jenner in Conversation with Professor Helen Weinstein

Wednesday February 25th at Heffers, 20 Trinity Street at 7.30pm


In celebration of Thomas Hobson’s Conduit, that brought fresh water to Cambridge, join Greg Jenner – Historical Consultant to CBBC’s Horrible Histories, and author of the new book A Million Years In A Day: A Curious History of Everyday Life – as he discusses the surprising history of personal hygiene and public sanitation.

Full details here  or book tickets now here

Full details of the Cambridge History Festival here

Sponsored by Heffers Book Shop & Historyworks

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THE OAK here are some of our favourite new titles as displayed on our beautiful antique oak table

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HALF-PRICE SALE! Pick up these bargains and more in our half-price sale

Heffers Choice, our selection of the finest in non-fiction. Some are classics, others are classics of the future, visit us in Trinity Street to see the full range of over 75 titles

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