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    Blackwell's Cambridge, Heffers
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  • Heffers has been selling books in Cambridge for over 130 years. We are one of the region’s most comprehensive bookshops stocking an extensive range of academic and general books. In...

  • Cambridge, Heffers: Classics Forum 2014

    November 1, 2014, 9:30 am


The Oak, the best new titles as displayed on our antique carved oak table

Heffers Choice, our selection of the finest in non-fiction. Some are classics, others are classics of the future, visit us in Trinity Street to see the full range of over 75 titles

We Recommend, these are some ofHeffers booksellers favourite books, visit us to see more and chat to our booksellers

Richard Reynolds, our Crime Fiction specialist, picks the best from the current lists


While Bruce Dixon brings you the best True Crime from recent months