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  • BLACKWELL'S OXFORD GROUP 2012 PRESENTS: Writing Feedback Session

    Wednesday, September 28th at 19:00 - 21:00
    Group2012 is our monthly writers group, run in partnership with Cherry Mosteshar from The Oxford Editors. In this session meet fellow writers and take part in a critique workshop on a piece of your written work, giving the opportunity to offer and receive support.

    This event will be taking place in the The Quaker Meeting House on St Giles.

    Membership for the group costs only £25 for a year and allows entry to all events or it costs £5 a session. Entry can only be paid for on the evening of the event. To find out more information about the group please visit their blog.
  • BLACKWELL'S OXFORD PRESENTS: Michael Bhaskar and Scott Berinato Are We Living in a Society Defined By Information Overload?

    Thursday, September 29th at 19:00 - 20:00
    From being able to instantly access live news stories as they happen to analysing efficiency in the workplace with in-depth visual diagrams, our knowledge of the world around us and the decisions we make are based on how we access, process and implement data and information.

    Should we be worried about how this is affecting our daily lives or can we use data to create new opportunities and positive outcomes?

    Join us as authors Michael Bhaskar and Scott Berinato discuss whether we have too much information, what we can do about it and how it can be turned into something workable and positive.

    Michael Bhaskar is the author of 'Curation: The Power of Selection in a World of Excess' focusing on how curation can answer the question of how we make sense of a culture in which problems are often about having too much, and shows how we keep growing in a world of excess. It looks at why curation happened, what it means and what might happen next to this once little used concept.

    Scott Berinato is the author of 'Good Charts: The HBR Guide to Making Smarter, More Persuasive Data Visualizations', an essential guide to how visualization works and how to use this new language to impress and persuade, turning plain, uninspiring charts that merely present information into smart, effective visualizations that powerfully convey ideas.

    Tickets for this event cost £5. For more information or to purchase a ticket, please visit the customer service department in the Norrington Room or call 01865 333623.
  • BLACKWELL’S OXFORD PRESENT: Philosophy in the Bookshop Cécile Fabre and Nigel Warburton on Cosmopolitan Peace

    Saturday, October 1st at 11:00 - 12:00
    Each month, Nigel Warburton interviews a fellow philosopher for our series "Philosophy in the Bookshop". This month he will be interviewing Cécile Fabre for her new book, Cosmopolitan Peace.

    Cécile Fabre is the Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Oxford, She has completed an eight-year project on the ethics of war, and Cosmopolitan Peace is the sequel to her earlier work, Cosmopolitan War.

    This event is free to attend and registration is not needed. The talk will be taking place in the Philosophy Department located in the Norrington Room. For all enquiries please email events.oxford@blackwell.co.uk
  • Blackwell's Oxford Presents: A Poetry Reading with Kelley Swain, Richard Scott and Oliver Zarandi

    Tuesday, October 4th at 14:00 - 15:00
    In the week that celebrates National Poetry Day, We are delighted to be welcoming 3 poets to our literature and poetry department to give an afternoon of free readings followed by a signing of their books.

    Kelley Swain is one of three poets in residence at Oxford University Museum of Natural History. She has lived in London for nearly ten years, working at the crossroads of poetry and science. Kelley is the author of three books of poetry, a novel and a memoir, and editor of two poetry-and-science anthologies. She holds an MSc in Medical Humanities from King's College London.

    Richard Scott was born in London. His poems have appeared widely in magazines and anthologies including the Poetry Review, Poetry London, The Poetry of Sex and Butt Magazine. His latest pamphlet 'Wound' is published by Rialto.

    Oliver Zarandi is also from London. He has been published by Hobart, Keep this bag away from Children and the Londonist. He's also featured in the second edition of 'Funhouse' magazine.

    The poets will give readings from their collections and discuss the writing of poetry. Their collections will be on hand to purchase and have signed.

    This event is free to attend and will take place on the first floor in the literature department of the shop. To register your attendance, please visit the service desk on the first floor or email james.orton@blackwell.co.uk

    Friday, October 7th at 19:00 - 20:15
    In celebration of 40 years of writing and his own 75th birthday, Richard joins Lord John Krebs to reflect on his life, his books and the relevance of  The Selfish Gene today.

    Richard Dawkins published what would become his most iconic work – The Selfish Gene – 40 years ago. It met with controversy in some quarters as well as wide acclaim in 1976. His books have gone on to sell over 8 million copies worldwide and been translated into 25 languages. In April 2016, The Selfish Gene was listed as number 10 on The Guardian’s list of the 100 best nonfiction books. In the past forty years our understanding of genetics has evolved considerably, but Dawkins’ ground-breaking theory is still one of the most talked-about and debated concepts in evolutionary biology.

    Richard Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist, well-known atheist and best-selling author of 13 books. He studied zoology at the University of Oxford, staying on to complete his Masters and PhD, before spending a few years in America. Returning to Oxford in 1970 as a lecturer, he is now Emeritus Professor. He has received a multitude of awards both for his writing and his scientific work, including being the first Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford. He is regarded by many as both the world’s most influential science writer and most popular public intellectual.

    Lord Krebs is a zoologist and son of the biochemist, Hans Krebs – best known for the discovery of the citric acid cycle otherwise known as the Krebs Cycle.  He studied at the University of Oxford and (since 1988) has held a Royal Society Research Professorship in the Department of Zoology. In 1999 he was knighted for services to behavioural ecology and in 2007 became a non-party political life peer in the House of Lords. Krebs’s extraordinary own career has been both productive and influential. His speciality is ornithology. His publications include more than 130 refereed papers, 5 books, and 130 book chapters, reviews, or popular pieces. They have introduced new methods to the science of ornithology and, more recently, techniques from neurobiology and experimental psychology.

    He has been chairman of the Food Standards Agency and lead numerous government reviews into science and health policy.

    Tickets may be purchased on Eventbrite here. This event will be held in the Sheldonian Theatre.
  • BLACKWELL’S OXFORD PRESENTS: Commander Chris Hadfield The Darkest Dark

    Sunday, October 9th at 15:30 - 18:00
    Blackwell’s is delighted to welcome back Commander Chris Hadfield for a book signing of his first book for children, The Darkest Dark.

    Inspired by Commander Hadfield’s childhood watching of the first moon landing, The Darkest Dark follows a young boy who plays at being an alien-fighting astronaut, but at night is not so brave when darkness falls. However, he learns that space is even darker than his bedroom at night, and not scary but fascinating and exciting.

    This event is free to attend. Please register by emailing events.oxford@blackwell.co.uk, or coming to the customer services desk in the Norrington Room.
    Owing to Sunday trading laws, all book purchases must be made before 5pm, but the signing will go on until 6pm. Commander Hadfield will be signing The Darkest Dark, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, and You are Here. Please note no memorabilia is to be signed at this event.
    For more information please call 01865 333623.
  • BLACKWELL'S OXFORD PRESENTS: Blackwell's Teen Fiction Reading Group

    Friday, October 14th at 18:30 - 19:30
    Like to read Teen Fiction? Want to discuss books with others who love reading? We are always looking to welcome new members to our Teen Fiction Reading Group, which meets on the second Friday of every month at 6:30pm.

    Our Teen Fiction Reading Group has been running for over five years in the bookshop and during that time we had read a great selection of teen fiction. This month we will be discussing 'After Tomorrow' by Gillian Cross.

    For full information on the group and our past reads, please visit our website. If you would like to join the group, get in touch and let us know by emailing events.oxford@blackwell.co.uk
  • BLACKWELL’S OXFORD PRESENT: Sean Carroll The Big Picture

    Monday, October 17th at 12:15 - 13:15
    Where are we? Who are we? Do our beliefs, hopes and dreams mean anything out there in the void? Can human purpose and meaning ever fit into a scientific world-view?

    We are delighted to welcome the acclaimed physicist Sean Carroll for a daytime talk for his latest book, The Big Picture. Tying together together the fundamental laws of physics governing the workings of the cosmos with the everyday human experience we all share. The book takes you on a breathtaking journey from the origin of the universe, through the evolution of life and consciousness, to the eternal question of what it all really means.

    This event is free to attend, and does not require booking. Please drop in to the Norrington Room. For any further information, please contact events.oxford@blackwell.co.uk
  • BLACKWELL’S OXFORD PRESENT: Alejandro Zambra Multiple Choice

    Monday, October 17th at 18:30 - 19:30
    Multiple Choice is difficult to define. Is it: (a) poetry
    (b) prose
    (c) short stories
    (d) all of the above
    (e) none of the above

    Alejandro Zambra is one of Granta's Best Spanish Language Novelists, and the author of My Documents, The Private Lives of Trees, and Ways of Going Home.

    To celebrate the translation of his latest work, Multiple Choice, he will be in conversation with Dr Dominic Moran, Christ Church researcher in 20th Century Latin American literature.

    Please join us for an evening of conversation and questions. This event is free to attend, and places may by booked by visiting our Customer Service Department or contact us on 01865 333 623 or email events.oxford@blackwell.co.uk
  • BLACKWELL'S OXFORD PRESENTS: John Parrington Redesigning Life

    Tuesday, October 18th at 19:00 - 20:00
    Since the birth of civilisation, human beings have manipulated other life forms. 'Redesigning Life' explores how scientists are editing genes using molecular scissors, with new technology of genome editing being applied to practically any species of plants and animals. These powerful new technologies can lead to revolutionary developments but also raises important ethical dilemmas and potential dangers.

    'Redesigning Life' explains the science behind revolutionary developments in genetic engineering frequently in the news, describing the breakthrough in genome editing and the creation of synthetic lifeforms. It also explores the huge potential benefits genome editing could offer to medicine and agriculture.

    Join us as John Parrington explains the nature and possibilities of these new scientific developments, which could usher in a brave, new world.

    Tickets for this event cost £5 and can be purchased from the customer service department in the Norrington Room. Alternatively, call 01865 333623.

    Thursday, October 20th at 19:00 - 21:00
    We are overjoyed to announce the panelists for the next Ex Libris LIVE! show:

    Robert Llewellyn, the actor and comedian best known as Kryten in the hugely popular TV series, Red Dwarf, is also an author of many books, including the remarkable utopian sci-fi trilogy, News From.

    Jodi Taylor is a self professed history nut and highly regarded author of many novels, including the time-bending Chronicles of St Mary’s.

    Paul Burston is a host of award-winning LGBT literary salon Polari, founder of The Polari First Book Prize and author of the chilling domestic noir The Black Path.

    Fiammetta Rocco is the Culture Editor for The Economist and 1843, an author, an award winning journalist and the Administrator of the Man Booker International Prize.

    Come and watch these extraordinary word smiths, cross pens as they bluff and counter bluff in Ex Libris LIVE! the entertaining panel show adaptation of Ex Libris, the game of first lines and last words.

    While panelists set about writing fake but plausible opening or closing sentences to genuine books, the Ex Libris LIVE! host, broadcaster David Freeman, will interview, in turn, each contender discussing their recent work.

    Join us for an entertaining evening of bluffing, entertaining chit-chat and outright literary sneakiness!

    Tickets cost £5 and are now on sale. Please call 01865 333623 or visit the bookshop Customer Service Department to purchase your ticket.
  • BLACKWELL's OXFORD PRESENTS: Nicky Dee: What's so special about dinosaurs?

    Wednesday, October 26th at 13:00 - 14:00
    Blackwell's is delighted to present a fun-filled half term free event with dinosaur fanatic Nicky Dee!

    ‘What’s so Special about’ is a brand new series of dinosaur books for children – filling the gap on the shelves between dinosaur picture books aimed at very young children and encyclopaedia-style reference titles for older readers.

    Nicky will be offering insights into how dinosaurs really looked, lived, survived and thrived, along with activities and questions.

    To register for this free event, please contact customer services on 01865 333623 or email events.oxford@blackwell.co.uk

    Wednesday, October 26th at 18:00 - 20:00
    Blackwell’s is delighted to be partnered with Oxford University Press in presenting Duncan Green, the strategic adviser for Oxfam GB, to launch his book “How Change Happens”.

    Drawing on many first-hand examples from the global experience of Oxfam, as well as the Duncan Green’s insights from studying and working on international development, it tests ideas on How Change Happens and offers the latest thinking on what works to achieve progressive change.

    Tickets will be released on Monday 19th September, and will cost £5 including a glass of wine. For further information, or to register your interest in purchasing a ticket next week, please email events.oxford@blackwell.co.uk, or telephone 01865 333623.
  • BLACKWELL'S OXFORD PRESENTS: Mike Massimino Spaceman

    Thursday, October 27th at 19:00 - 20:00
    Astronaut Mike Massimino will be joining us to discuss his awe-inspiring memoir "Spaceman". Looking back upon his 18 year career working for NASA, "Spaceman" reveals the hard work, camaraderie and sheer guts involved in the life of an astronaut; vividly describing what it is like to strap yourself into the Space Shuttle and blast off into space, or the sensation of walking in space, as he did when he embarked on an emergency repair of the Hubble telescope.

    Join us for what is going to be a really special evening listening to Mike discuss achieving his dreams of going to space, in the intimate setting of the bookshop.

    Tickets cost £5 per person. For more information or to purchase a ticket, please visit the customer service department in the Norrington Room or call 01865 333623.
  • BLACKWELL'S OXFORD AND Oxford University Press PRESENTS: The OUP Philosophy Festival

    Monday, November 7th at 12:00 TO Saturday, November 12th at 18:00
    Blackwell’s Oxford and Oxford University Press present the OUP Philosophy Festival, in partnership with the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education

    Back after a hugely successful first year, the OUP Philosophy Festival returns for a second celebration of the power and freedom of ideas. This time we bring you Philosophy “Speed Dating”, an evening of musical enlightenment and a series of events hoping to answer the vital question: What's Philosophy got to do with… Anything? Finishing off with a full day of debates and discussions with some of the most prominent and well-known philosophers of our time, including David Edmonds, Marianne Talbot, Janet Radcliffe Richards, Stephen Law and many others, make sure you don’t miss out on this diverse and fascinating festival.

    Details of events and speakers below (with more to come!)

    Monday 7th – Friday 11th November 12:30-13:15 What's Philosophy got to do with… Anything?

    Oxford University Press and the Department of Continuing Education present a series of lunchtime interviews on the importance of the relationship between philosophy and other subjects. Bring your lunch and your thinking caps! Featuring Marianne Talbot alongside:

    Rachel Paine on What's philosophy got to do with… the Human Mind?

    David Edmonds on What's philosophy got to do with… Prime Time TV?

    Cecile Fabre and Helen Frowe on What's Philosophy got to do with… War and Peace?

    Stephen Law on What's philosophy got to do with… Education?

    Tina Beatie on What's Philosophy got to do with… Understanding Religion?

    Tuesday 8th November 18:30-20:00 Philosopher's Take on the World

    Should men be allowed to discuss abortion? Are pets property? Is it ethical to use data from Nazi medical experiments? Would you hand over a decision to machines? Can you be gay by choice? Do we own our bodies? The Practical Ethics Blog from the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford has shown that philosophers have much to contribute to questions such as these. This fast-paced presentation of opinion will make you think again about the judgments we make on a daily basis and the ways in which we choose to conduct our lives.

    Wednesday 9th November 19:30-21:00 What's Philosophy got to do with… Making Music

    Philosopher and Saxophonist Andrew Bowie presents an evening of music and enlightenment. In partnership with fourbythree magazine.

    Thursday 10th November 18:30-20:00 Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction

    Confused by Consciousness? Perplexed by Poststructuralism? Come and pick the brains of our authors who can help you get to grips with topics as diverse as Humanism and Heidegger. In small groups you’ll get the chance to meet with leading experts, hear their thoughts and ask them the questions you’ve always wanted answers to. So, where’s the gap in your knowledge?

    Stephen Law (Humanism)

    Chris Janaway (Nietzsche)

    Susan Blackmore (Consciousness)

    Catherine Wilson (Epicureanism)

    Andrew Bowie (Heidegger)

    Catherine Belsey (Poststructuralism)

    Saturday 12th November 10:30-11:30 What's Philosophy got to do with… Equality

    47,571 ‘racist incidents’ were recorded by British police in 2014; 70% of people in national minimum wage jobs are women; and unlike the rest of the population the poorest tenth have not seen their average incomes rise in a decade. Inequality is a reality, but what, is anything, can philosophy do to help make it a thing of the past?

    Saturday 12th November 11:45-12:45 What's Philosophy got to do with… Creating a Masterpiece

    What’s philosophy got to do with a Rembrandt, a Man Booker Prize Winner or a Stanley Kubrick film? Does good philosophy help or hinder creative brilliance? An artist and a literary critic join our philosophers for this discussion.

    Saturday 12th November 13:30-14:45 What's Philosophy got to do with… Being Good

    Can humans be ‘good’? If so, what’s the secret to ‘good’ living? This is THE question at the basis of all ethics, yet it is one that both philosophers and ethicists often avoid facing straight on. Stephen Law, John Harris and James Garvey debate the ways in which philosophy can show us ‘how to be good’ (or perhaps, more accurately, how to try to be good) – as well as showing the ways in which it is pointless or self-defeating to try.

    Saturday 12th November 15:00-16:00 What's Philosophy got to do with… Science

    “How does the universe behave? What is the nature of reality? Where did all this come from? Did the universe need a creator? Most of us do not spend most of our time worrying about these questions, but almost all of us worry about them some of the time. Traditionally these are questions for philosophy, but philosophy is dead.”– Stephen Hawking, The Grand Design

    Sparks and smarts fly as our philosophers are confronted with the claim that science has rendered philosophy obsolete.

    To register your place to attend any of the free events featuring in the Philosophy Festival, events.oxford@blackwell.co.uk or visit our Customer Service Department located in the Norrington Room 01865 333623.
  • BLACKWELL'S OXFORD PRESENTS: Margaret Atwood Hag-Seed

    Wednesday, November 9th at 19:00 - 20:00
    Come and spend an evening with the bestselling novelist Margaret Atwood this autumn as she discusses her new novel, 'Hag-Seed', a reimagining of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Margaret’s novel take on this tale of enchantment, revenge and second chances is filled with new surprises and wonders of its own. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from one of the world’s most renowned writers, and be one of the first to get your hands on a signed copy of 'Hag-Seed'.

    Margaret Atwood is the author of more than forty books of fiction, poetry and critical essays, including 'The Handmaid’s Tale', the Booker-winning 'The Blind Assassin', the 'MaddAddam' trilogy, and 'The Heart Goes Last'. Her work has received many awards around the world and she has consistently named Shakespeare as one of the most important influences on her own work. 'Hag-Seed' is published as part of the VINTAGE Hogarth Shakespeare series, described by the Guardian as ‘the great rewriting project of the 21st century’.

    Chairing the talk will be Professor of Shakespeare Studies at the University of Oxford, Dr Emma Smith.

    This event will be taking place at the Sheldonian Theatre on Broad Street. Tickets cost £18 which includes entry and a signed copy of the book, £20 for a copy of the book and entry for two or £7 for entry only. Margaret Atwood will not be signing after the event, to guarantee owning a special signed copy of 'Hag-Seed', please purchase a book and entry ticket.

    To purchase your tickets visit our Customer Service Department located in the Norrington Room or call 01865 333623. For event enquiries please email events.oxford@blackwell.co.uk.
  • BLACKWELL'S OXFORD PRESENTS: Love by The Beatles in Quadrophonic Sound

    Thursday, November 17th at 19:00 - 21:00
    To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of 'Love' by The Beatles, we'll be playing the entire album in full quadrophonic sound in the Norrington Room.

    'Love' is an album of remixed and re-mastered music performed by The Beatles. It was produced by George Martin (1926 - 2016) and his son Giles Martin who said "What people will be hearing on the album is a new experience, a new way of re-living the whole Beatles musical lifespan in a very condensed period".

    The evening will be hosted by DJ David Freeman and will involve an uninterrupted playback of the album in a quadrophonic surround sound setting. Refreshments will be available to purchase and enjoy whilst listening to the music.

    Tickets for this special anniversary evening are strictly limited and cost £5. For more information or to purchase a ticket, please visit the customer service department in the Norrington Room or call 01865 333623.
  • BLACKWELL’S OXFORD PRESENT: Sir Tony Robinson No Cunning Plan

    Tuesday, November 22nd at 19:30
    Blackwell’s is proud to present Sir Tony Robinson, author, presenter, and national legend, to discuss his autobiography, No Cunning Plan.

    From Blackadder to Time Team to The Worst Jobs in History, Sir Tony’s career has been varied and brought delight to many people, young and old. To many he will always be Baldrick, turnip-fancier and as cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University, but his comic talents belie his serious commitment to charity work Packed full of incident and insight, No Cunning Plan is a funny, self-deprecating and always entertaining read.

    This event is held at the Sheldonian Theatre, and tickets are £8 for entry and £25 for entry and a copy of the book included. To get tickets, either visit our Customer Services Desk on 48-51 Broad Street, or telephone 01865 333623. For any enquiries, please email events.oxford@blackwell.co.uk
  • BLACKWELL'S OXFORD AND OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PRESENT Undead Shakespeare: The Writer Who Can't be Killed

    Wednesday, November 23rd at 17:30 - 18:30
    We are delighted to host the launch of Oxford University Press' flagship publication this year, The New Oxford Shakespeare.

    This event will consist of a panel discussion with the general editors of The New Oxford Shakespeare, chaired by Sir Stanley Wells, Honorary President of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. The editors are Gary Taylor, Terri Bourus, Gabriel Egan, and John Jowett.

    From 1592 (‘upstart crow’) to 2014 (‘Shakespeare sucks’), many influential writers and critics have attacked Shakespeare’s work, from many different perspectives. Why has Shakespeare survived all these criticisms? But perhaps that is the wrong question. Is it possible that Shakespeare’s unique status depends on criticism? And that the instabilities of text, authorship and interpretation secure the stability of his reputation?

    This event will be held in the Oxford Martin School. Tickets for this event cost £5. For more information or to purchase a ticket, please visit the customer service department in the Norrington Room or call 01865 333623.