Cardiff Metropolitan University

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If you have chosen to receive a Blackwell’s card as part of your Study
First bursary allocation. This card can be used to buy textbooks or
educational products. Please note that you may use your card as long
as you are a current student at Cardiff Metropolitan University.
Blackwell’s has worked hard on value, offering huge reductions on key
course recommendations through online price checking. We also have
a wide selection of stationery, gifts and technology.

Once you’ve found the book/product you want to buy at the till, just hand over your
card, and that’s it… You have then paid for your item.

If you’re buying online, enter the serial number located on the back of the card when
checking out and the amount will be taken from your balance.

• Easy to use – like a gift card
• Integrated with
• Use nationwide at any Blackwell’s bookshop
• Parents, grandparents, friends can top up your card

Additional information
• Please register your card as soon as you receive it
• If your card is lost or stolen before it is registered, any money on it will be lost
• When using your Blackwell’s Card instore, please bring a form of photo ID
• You can check your balance instore or online at any time
• To use your card you must be a current student at Cardiff Metropolitan University